You’re Living through a Pandemic, a War and a Catasclismic Shift in Global Business Alliance

If you’re aiming to grow a remarkable business, lead an efficient team, make a memorable impact on the world, continue on the path of current awesomeness and find balance in your home life, but you’re feeling held back by negative thoughts or fleeting moments of self-doubt or just wish to change the way you think and feel. And… If you’ve never missed an episode of Suits, but you identify a little too closely with the super-successful lawyer, Harvey Specter’s, occasional panic attacks in the office, then you’re going to love this read.

 A friend of mine recently confided in me that he had been experiencing periods of what he could only describe as unexplained anxiety – a condition since his return to the workplace after lockdown and feeling ‘on-edge’ when at home. As an executive in a leading corporate firm, he is accustomed to dealing with high-stress environments, so he felt shaken when these spells of angst and discomfort would inexplicably materialize during the day. His experience resonated with what I had been hearing in my social circles for quite some time. In fact, traumatic stress is a normal reaction to an abnormal event. The surrealism of the times in which we’re currently living is a historical repetition of what we have known since the ancient Greeks, yet, “it’s only our perception of difficulties that causes us the distress and the difficulty we experience.” (Chris Prentiss)

Harvard Public Health Magazine recently published an article titled The Age of Trauma,  discussing the global pandemic, police violence, political discord, the war on terror, the climate crisis and now the world’s first crypto war as some of the leading issues we are all having to face in some way on a daily basis. They go further to cite Gelaye’s definition of trauma as “an emotional response to a terrible situation that overwhelms an individual’s ability to cope.” The reality is that, whether or not we refuse to watch the news, limit our social media usage or isolate ourselves indefinitely, we are living amid major global unrest, and this communal experience has shown to be affecting many of us in different ways including intermittent feelings of anxiety and distress.

With this insight, you, as any reasoning mind, might ask: where do we go from here? That’s where we come in to introduce you to Orange is the New Black, oops EMDR 2.0 is the new NLP, to get you from A-Z for corporate individuals, homemakers and executives. In an episode of NBC’s top-rated fantasy series, Grimm, a psychiatrist proclaims: “everyone wants a quick fix… but there is no shortcut.” During my initial years as a practitioner, I might have agreed with this assertion. Today, however, the traditional model of psychotherapy is ever evolving to meet people’s increasingly complex needs. I now know that there is a way for you to achieve fast, long-lasting results, shifting you ever closer to remedial measures  towards the alleviation of chronic stress, cognitive decline, addictive behaviours, or many other stressors or distressing experiences, leading to enhanced performance, sustained attention, improved working memory and decision-making clarity. This intensive form of treatment is highly successful at reprocessing and releasing stress. It has been shown to enhance performance in almost every sphere of life including business, athletics, and interpersonal relationships. Remember when that movie came out, Limitless and those of us addicted to success, achievement and giving our all for our clients had that pang of what if, well, if you’re looking for your NZT, this has got to be the closest I’ve come across and it’s non-invasive, legal and provides you with the mildest of hangovers, if any.

On a neurobiological level, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy works directly with the Central Nervous System, allowing you to reprocess thoughts and memories through a non-invasive method, reducing associated distress while promoting positive thought patterns.  Numerous studies have shown that EMDR  enables the brain to reprocess memories, beliefs and more acting as a catalyst to change within an eight phase, three pronged process impacting areas for cataclysmic change, providing relief from troubling thoughts and at times physical pain. Taking it one step further, EMDR intensives allow you to experience all the benefits of EMDR therapy in a significantly shorter space of time, compact all your years worth of coaching or therapy into a week or weekend and get lasting results from reprogramming your mind.

In The Netherlands, an EMDR Intensive Therapy Study involving 7 participants resulted in four of the seven participants losing their PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) diagnosis, as assessed by the Clinician-Administered PTSD Scale. These staggering results were obtained after only two 4-day sessions where participants underwent 90 minutes of EMDR intensive therapy twice a day. Simply put, life-changing results have been experienced for a condition that many theorists and therapists have long believed to be incurable. As the famous Ripley’s would say, “Believe It or Not!

The first practice of its kind in Singapore, I established tidylodge to be a place where neuroscientific techniques, executive coaching and evidence-based psychotherapy intersect, to produce astounding results. Our customisable intensives are designed to allow you to conserve your most valuable asset – time – by investing in a proven way to essentially rewire the brain in just a few weeks or even days with a tested and evidenced-based psychotherapeutic approach to create advancements in those without necessarily having a clinical diagnosis, but a need for change. It is important, however, when deciding on an intensive practitioner, to ensure that they are EMDRIA certified and have training and experience employing the intensive model for the best results.

If you are ready to find balance, progress towards your ambitions, improve your relationships, increase brain capacity,  accelerate your productivity, and dramatically enhance your day-to-day performance, it is worth exploring the transformational potential that EMDR 2.0 intensives offer.

It is important to understand that intensive therapy, coaching or EMDR is not a miraculous overnight cure. However, EMDR is a proven neurobiological intervention, and we have seen revolutionary results here at tidylodge, culminating in some extremely grateful clients who are thought-leaders, trailblazers, and pioneers in their chosen fields, uninhibited by what they previously believed were limitations of the mind.

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