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Absolutely! We cater to high – functioning individuals at tidylodge, this is how advanced this method has become in recent years. Since its inception, EMDR and Executive coaching at tidylodge has helped executives, homemakers and white – collar workers reprocess experiences to reach their full potential, catapult growth and enhance meaning in life.

Clients have been astounded by the outcomes of their results in the workplace, at home and how it has given them a new sense of purpose. In addition to resolving tra uma, EMDR also clears blocks you have to areas of your life, which allows you to reach your measurable goals, experience openness, joy and a deeper sense of connection to self and others.

Research has demonstrated the efficacy of 90 minute sessions for EMDR. Healing the root of any issue, block or advancement is imperative to lasting change. A shorter session may and does often limit the time spent reprocessing experiences, shifting blocks to resolution and the therapist/coach might be unable to effectively help you mitigate this and progress you towards your goals.

In her third edition, Francine Shapiro proved the essence of 90 minute session timings over 50 – 60 minutes for allocation of the conceptual framework for EMDR. Intensives are imperative for the same reason, but furthermore to accelerate the process, which works especially well for high-functioning people.

EMDR 2.0 is an advanced, modified version of EMDR. Here at tidylodge, multiple scientifically proven psychotherapy and coaching modalities are interwoven with each other, as well as neuroscientific techniques. The psychotherapy aspect includes the interweaving of coaching strategies. Similarly, Executive Coaching includes the interweaving of elements of psychotherapy.

In the initial sessions, the therapist will learn more about your goals, issues, situations, feelings and memories, as each individual or couples intensive is customisable, it does significantly depend on multiple variables. However, it will involve past challenges and present changes required, while deciding the best course of action for your growth.

During the process of EMDR, you will be required to focus on specific instances, and the therapist will begin a set of Dual Attention Stimulation directing you through the process, this includes side-to-side eye movements, sounds, or taps, allowing the brain to reprocess to completion, inevitably completing the stress cycle.

Our Lead Psychotherapist and Executive Coach will direct you to reprocess targeted responses in the present, and the past when necessary, as well as install behaviours in the future within the neural networks of the brain, organically. This will help you move forward and experience healing, growth and a lighter disposition in the interim, but the benefits will continue throughout your lifetime.

People are coming to tidylodge because of our unique modal that targets their experiences and concerns, while producing lasting change that absolutely sticks. In fact, clients have shared with us that the service we offer is like an express manicure where they come in for a quick procedure. This drastically shifts their negative beliefs, regulates them emotionally and improves their work performance.

Executive Coaching and Psychotherapy is a collaborative process where the therapist helps individuals be more aware of existing blocks they may have and guides them to achieve their objectives effectively and efficiently. Executive Coaching and Psychotherapy can also help enhance interpersonal dynamics and relationships between partners, couples and even business colleagues. If you are looking at greater levels of confidence, improved relationships and less fear, then we can strategically assist you in those areas.

An intensive provides the opportunity for high-functioning corporate executives, white-collar workers and homemakers to break through obstacles and achieve specific goals they may have. This could include heightened emotional regulation, attentional control and cognitive flexibility. Regardless of the industry you work in or the stage of life you are at, you can expect to experience a significant increase in productivity and reduction in performance anxiety.

For individuals who had experienced a setback whether in work, personal or societal, the impact was that they were restored to a high level of performance that they had exhibited prior to any previous setbacks. Over time, most individuals report that they feel limitless and their capabilities grow phenomenally. Individuals’ experience efficiency and performance enhancement in their personal and professional lives, but most importantly, an intensive provides the creation of more time, the most valuable, but overrated commodity in today’s modern lifestyle.

Executive Coaching is based on performance, especially when an individual requires results – driven coaching. It is for executives and corporate leaders who are open to the process and can accept direct feedback, when combined with EMDR and on an intensive modal, Executive Coaching at this level can yield a high ROI and change that is impactful.

You might need an Executive Coach if you find yourself unable to reach ertain goals, change behaviours, unsure of certain decisions, struggle with navigating yourself in a rapidly changing economy, or just need to remove blocks to your business plan.

Talk therapy consists of a host of modalities such as Solution focused brief therapy (SFBT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). These are psychological treatments that aim to reframe unhelpful thoughts and change behavioural patterns through verbal communication. The therapist/coach guides the client through processing the stimulus once they have occurred in the past and equipping them with useful techniques they can use for the future.

During EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy, dual-attention stimulation is used to access negative experiences and facilitate information processing in order to equip individuals with skills for enhanced functioning. Instead of simply providing the tools required to cope with experiences, our EMDR approach at tidylodge works on changing the stimulus, so that the circumstance will no longer provoke the negative emotions to begin with.

Effects can be instant to a few days to weeks to integrate fully. This depends on your brain’s processing speed, depending on many factors, your current level of functioning, goals for treatment and how much you wish to improve your performance.

Most clients report that they experience a complete reset and transformation within a course of a week or weekend, however some others might need to complement these with an additional intensive. During the course of an EMDR intensive, the therapist/coach will work collaboratively with you to ensure that progress is made and objectives are met.

We offer only EMDR Intensives, in the Psychotherapeutic format or Executive Coaching for individuals, and a Couples Intensive. These are typically offered in a customised format ranging from 12 – 20 direct and indirect documented hours over the course of 3 – 5 days.

Your therapist/coach will create a personalised plan with a cost estimate during your complimentary
Discovery Call. EMDR Intensives at tidylodge usually range from S$9,000 – $12,000. Couples pricing may vary depending on the requirements, all pricing is based on a transparent and professional pricing plan.

EMDR works wonderfully for couples and relationships. First, attention is given to releasing the negative experiences for each individual separately. Following this, Non-Violent Communication and Imago mirroring techniques, as well Attachment Informed Couples EMDR are incorporated to help individuals adaptively process triggers together in real time.

Oftentimes, witnessing your partner in their most vulnerable state, and exploring aspects of the past together can lead to negative experiences being healed, better communication and relationships flourishing in the present. At tidylodge, The Limitless Diamond-Duo is a treatment package specially curated for couples. It is a personalised program, 17 hours in total, that consists of a 90 minutes pre-interview, fourteen-hour intensive and a 90 minute post-interview three weeks later, price range is S$12,500  – $15,000.

Here at tidylodge, we develop partnerships and work collectively with other professionals in Singapore to bring the best treatment to our clients. As per your needs, we will work collaboratively with private organisations to create a holistic framework to include more than therapy and coaching. These organisations include doctors’ and specialist clinics, nutritionists as well as other health and wellness experts should you ask for them.

We request that you treat your intensive week or weekend as you would a retreat and plan according, whether you’d like to relax by your pool with a book, sleep it off, rest and recuperate, stay in a hotel, book a spa, enjoy cafes, explore your favourite hotspots in Singapore or just simply order in and watch your favourite shows on Netflix.

We advise you not to work and to treat this like you would if you were away on a meditation or health care retreat. It helps not to drink more than the recommended daily amount of alcohol or not at all if you can refrain completely during that time. However, how you spend your time is your choice and you will be supported throughout.

Intensives allow high-functioning adults to shift, change, adapt, improve and enhance their personal, familial and workplace achievement at a quicker rate compared to weekly Executive Coaching or Therapy sessions. An intensive takes the brain into a delta wave state that speeds up the brain’s ability to reset itself to an organic version of neutrality, confidence relative to personality type, ability and performance which leads to behavioural change.

An EMDR intensive enhances neuroplasticity, leading to the growth of new neurons and creating new neural networks in the brain. Since this happens in a rapid amount of time, the result is therefore organic behavioural change in the direction of your goals.

Absolutely. EMDR can be used as adjunct therapy to work on specific experiences and triggers that may not have been fully reprocessed.

EMDR intensives are ideal for individuals wanting to do accelerated therapy, this means over a weekend or a week instead of in a year or weekly sessions. We do advise you speak with your current clinician first about adding this on, the choice is up to you, but an intensive does work better when the goals for current treatment are met and the intensive is to boost the client further along into their post-traumatic growth phase, for performance enhancement or for those challenging to reach areas that need unblocking.

Intensives will offer you resources to enhance your productivity and performance, as well as the capability of being able to process situations effectively and abilities you knew you had, but could not quite access, as well as removing limitations, creating limitless growth potential. During the course of an intensive, you will undergo significant reprocessing to identify stressors and unlock limitless capabilities. The duration of what can be accomplished is based on the complexity of your presenting symptoms, experiences, and requirement.

Both packages include the same service for Executive Coaching & Executive Therapy, however the Limitless Platinum Package includes services on weekdays, while the Limitless Titanium-Gold Package includes services on weekends. The reason for calling the packages precious metals is because the results clients often achieve with an intensive is such as the description of these metals, durability and strength for example.

There are pros to both packages as some people prefer a weekend because of work, but others prefer weekdays and take time off work especially as weekends are for family time, others like the day in between for a break. However, you can be assured that regardless of which package you select, you will be provided with the utmost care before, during and after your sessions until completion.

Both packages include the same service for Private Intensive Therapy & Coaching, however the Limitless Tigers-Eye Package includes services on weekdays, while the Limitless Sapphire Package includes services on weekends. The reason for calling the packages precious gemstones is because the results clients often achieve with an intensive is such as the description of these gems, such as increased awareness and expanded positivity.

There are pros to both packages as some people prefer a weekend because of work, but others prefer
weekdays and take time off work especially as weekends are for family time, others like the day in between for a break. However, you can be assured that regardless of which package you select, you will be provided with the utmost care before, during and after your sessions until completion.

Yes. There are many insurance plans that reimburse either a partial or complete cost for Psychotherapy. The therapy hours in this intensive program can be divided into a number of sessions and claimed accordingly based on the policy wording. Please check the specific details of your insurance plan including the yearly rate for Psychotherapy.

If required, tidylodge can provide you with the paperwork for therapy provided as part of the intensive program which can be used to request claims from your insurance provider. We would be happy for you to discuss this option with us for more details.

Arguably yes, are we biassed, of course, but the evidence suggests the same thereof. EMDR 2.0 incorporates the leading gold standards of psychotherapy (a neurobiological based method deemed most effective), Executive Coaching and EMDR.

Typically 50% is the failure rate in talk-based psychotherapy, 5 – 10% feel worse after and 35 – 40% don’t receive any benefits at all. One Harvard Review article detailed the very dangers of Executive Coaching were the lack of a psychotherapy background. EMDR statistics show an 89% improvement rating and in one study even showed a 100% success rate.

So when combining these power houses for executives, homemakers and corporate white collar workers who are high- functioning on an intensive model, with the likes of NLP with EMDR and NVC, or Imago with NVC and EMDR, as well as Flash or Executive Coaching with EMDR, you end up with an influential cocktail for success. The NZT of coaching and psychotherapy we could suggest.

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And research on performance enhancement, Intensives and EMDR for executive coaching as well as for psychotherapy, visit We would be happy to answer any additional questions you might have in the discovery call.
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