Our Story

Creating waves that ripple through you, your nuclear family, work and the society in which you live

Building a life without limits, begins with tearing down the blocks holding you back. If you want to perform your best and achieve meaningful growth, you need to be healthy, strong and motivated. Taking care of your mind, body and emotions is fundamental to feeling fulfilled and being happy and successful. If you master those fundamentals, they will ripple through your life, your relationships and your business, leading to lasting change.

Tidylodge is on a mission to bridge the gap between neuroscience, result-oriented executive coaching and evidence-based psychotherapy.

This potent combination has proven effective at accelerating growth in crucial areas of people’s lives. Now, we make these advanced methodologies available to high-performing individuals in Singapore.

Our journey began with realising a gap in the current executive coaching and psychotherapy market…

In Singapore, most modalities of psychotherapy were associated with treatment of mental health issues. However, leading research suggests that modalities like EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) have a much greater impact on individuals who are already high functioning. They can be highly effective tools for increasing mental clarity, cognition and memory for hardworking executives, professionals and homemakers.

Because the truth is… Being reasonably successful does not automatically equate to feeling fulfilled. It does not mean that you are experiencing the level of growth you expected to achieve or are having the relationships you hoped for. By not fully utilising the transformative power of psychotherapy as a coaching tool, we lose out on the opportunity to grow in life and in business.

Meet Our Founder

Kellyjo Coney-Khan

MA, BA, Dipl. Psych., is an experienced psychotherapist and executive coach certified and accredited in EMDR. She has worked directly with the world’s leading experts on EMDR, laying the foundation for her groundbreaking intensive programmes. She has helped tech executives, lawyers, doctors, government officials, homemakers, business leaders and managers. Her key areas of work are neural reprocessing and Mind-Body healing for performance enhancement as well as coaching with EMDR 2.0 for personal and corporate success, providing a high ROI. 

Tidylodge is a boutique coaching and therapy experience only accepting 1 Client per week

The coaching and therapy will be 1-on-1 with our founder Kellyjo Coney-Khan and very limited spots will be available.
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