How it works

It’s not about learning or even therapy

— it’s a performance enhancing brain reset and that’s why we are translating it to change and growth mindset solutions and coaching

Working with some of Singapore’s most successful individuals, we discovered that the fundamental problem was time.

Spending your time in ways that bring you the most success and fulfilment is the key to yours, your families and your businesses happiness and success. However, wasting time on inessentials leads to stress, burnout and exhaustion. The options available in the field of personal development are not suitable for maximising the time of busy professionals. On the one hand, personal education demands people to dedicate time and energy to actively learning new skills. On the other, methods of psychotherapy and coaching require them to dedicate months or years to ongoing sessions.

We developed the Tidylodge approach based on achieving the maximum results in the least amount of time.

It is not talk-based therapy, but a neurobiological “reprogramming” of your brain, habits and behaviour. It does not require you to invest too much time, mental energy or will power into remembering learnt behaviours. Rather, it uses a proven neurobiological approach and strategies to prevent negative habits and behaviours from being formed or leading to symptoms of stress and burnout. In other words, it clears the blocks draining your mental energy and limiting your productivity, thus  helping you achieve your full potential.

One year of therapy in just one week

An effective neurobiological intervention such as our psychotherapy-coaching model can achieve the majority of results experienced through an entire year of therapy within a single week or weekend. In fact, too much time between sessions can be counterproductive and prolong the therapeutic process. So by working intensively, we can achieve transformational results, improve family life, relationships, behaviour, and increase brain capacity almost instantly.

The process works directly with your central nervous system to intercept bad habits and behaviours at the neurological level. By delinking deep-rooted cognitive processes, we can stop your brain from defaulting to ineffective or negative behavioural patterns. Neurological connections are linked together to “trigger” positive responses when facing obstacles or challenges. The goal is to accelerate your brain’s organic adaptive information processing system to increase your performance without relying on force or conscious effort.

How it works

A natural process for restoring brain balance

Our behaviours, decisions and routines are generated through neurological connections in our brains that become hardwired. The more we repeat those behaviours, the stronger and more reinforced these connections become. Our method taps into this powerful ability of our brain to intentionally enforce the neurological connections leading to positive behaviours. Through this process, we create a feedback loop between positive behaviours and beneficial neuron connections resulting in a regulated nervous system. This is a 100% natural, non-invasive method which harnesses the brain’s normal functioning.

EMDR 2.0 is the skeletal structure and back-bone to our little lodge.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Non-Violent Communication (NVC), Attachment Theory, Solution Focused Therapy, Flash Technique, Best Foot Forward are some of the main modalities that are employed in  our work. All of these are based on evidence-based research and recognised by leading  organisations. They are proven to have a lasting impact on individuals’ performance and wellbeing.

For an extensive list of research and evidence of the efficacy of EMDR treatment and the science behind EMDR 2.0 Intensives.

Tidylodge is a boutique coaching and therapy experience only accepting 1 Client per week

The coaching and therapy will be 1-on-1 with our founder and Certified EMDR Therapist, Kellyjo Coney-Khan and very limited spots will be available.

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