Paving the Way to Efficiency When Time is Very Important Commodity!

If you’ve watched shows like Billions and House of Cards, or the movie Limitless, then this is something you’ll be glad you read about!

Someone asked me recently – “how do you make sure this doesn’t sound too good to be true?” I said, “The problem is, this is too good to be true, now what?” That’s what many clients say too, along with “it must be because of…” as they search for all the external factors that could have led to such fast results. Mind you, these are all word-of-mouth clients who have come through other clients based on their rapid results.

Harvard Business Review discusses the very real dangers of executive coaching in their article written by Steven Berglas, stating that in order “to best help their executives, companies need to draw on the expertise of both psychotherapists and executive coaches with legitimate skills.” Here, we are drawing on a five-model system, implementing executive coaching, psychotherapy, EMDR, an intensive curriculum, and neurobiological components. This allows us to create new neural networks that should be linked in the brain and de-linking those that should not be, inevitably creating a mind-body reset that incorporates the nervous system and the mental processes required for rapid, lasting change.

Now the part where this sounds too good to be true is that it does not work in all cases, which is where we decided to get super creative with scientific approaches by molding together this version for high-functioning corporate executives, white-collar workers, and homemakers. Unfortunately, this intensive approach is not suitable for certain clinical cases and is recommended for those who are looking for coaching and psychotherapy and have high-functionality. However, if clients have adjunct care (alongside psychiatry or a program of recovery or talk therapy) and continuation of care, then it is available with set expectations. This approach also works for those seeking rapid results, have completed or progressed through therapy, or are looking to progress to the next stage of their developmental growth in a short span of time.

For these people, maybe yourself, you might know you can progress even further, but that the element of time is not a luxury you possess, and therefore, require accelerated methods that are safe, proven, and reliable. Investing money and a compact amount of time of three half days with a pre- and post-interview focus for enhanced and improved performance-driven results that are measurable, can literally be legacy altering. What we find time after time with this work is a masterpiece in each and every person. These waves ripple through the individual, their business, work and career, nuclear and extended family, and the society in which they live. This can then provide balance for their emotional, mental, social, biological, and physical ecosystems for future generations to come.

“As mankind grew obsessed with its hours, the sorrow of lost time became a permanent hole in the human heart. People fretted over missed chances, over inefficient days; they worried constantly about how long they would live, because counting life’s moments had led, inevitably, to counting them down. Soon, in every nation and in every language, time became the most precious commodity.”

What can EMDR 2.0  help you achieve?

  • Improved cognitive functioning
  • Changing your mindset organically
  • Cognitive flexibility and resilience
  • Working memory for the execution of cognitive tasks
  • Emotional regulation and relationship satisfaction
  • Attentional control and inhibitory control
  • Applied knowledge and internalising changed behaviour
  • Reversing negative beliefs about self
  • Breaking through obstacles
  • Issues with perfectionistic procrastination
  • Performance enhancement and mitigation of anxiety
  • Fear of sustainable success and fear of failure
  • Heightened affective awareness
  • Self-initiated sequence of goal-oriented actions
  • Addressing Cognitive dissonance
  • Overcome limiting beliefs 

A study in Silicon Valley demonstrated the positive impact of a performance-driven protocol on sales professionals and a reduction in their procrastination behaviours when tasked to cold call clients. The outcome was that they built a substantial level of resilience towards rejection through the process.

Four other case studies in similar high-achieving cultures were conducted on professionals from several industries who used EMDR as an executive coaching tool. In each case, a significant increase in their productivity and reduction in performance anxiety was found, and, at times, their fears towards performance driven outcomes completely dissipated, which led to increased KPIs and ROI for the employee and corporation. For people who had experienced a setback, whether in work, their personal lives, or greater society, the impact was that they were restored to a high level of workplace achievement that they had exhibited prior to any previous setbacks (Division of Consulting Psychology journal, American Psychological Association).

This method is literally paving the way to efficiency in organisations, in homes and in society at large by using this neurobiological psychotherapy as an enhancement tool in executive and life coaching. The only reason it is relatively unheard of is due to the confidential nature of each case and client, therefore, the traction in the public eye is slower than we would like. That is why we have anonymised all case studies, testimonials and have the written approval of each coaching and therapy client prior to publication.

Our intensive model of accelerated – adaptive information processing  enables us to  fully utilise our most prized commodity – Time, time and more time! More time is what our intensive version of EMDR provides you with, bridging the gap between executive, life coaching and psychotherapy. In no time, you’ll be singing along to the words of the Rolling Stones, “Time is on my side, yes it is, Time is on my side, yes it is, Now you always say, That you want to be free”!

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