Executive Coaching and Executive Psychotherapy

The Limitless Platinum Gold Package

(Weekday Program)

The Limitless Titanium Gold Package

(Weekend Program)

Why Do You Need Executive Coaching and Psychotherapy

Harvard Business Review states that, “Finally, executive coaches unschooled in the dynamics of psychotherapy often exploit the powerful hold they develop over their clients. Sadly, misguided coaching ignores—and even creates—deep-rooted psychological problems that often only psychotherapy can fix.” Hence the powerful combination of a psychotherapeutic background, especially a neurobiological one such as EMDR that doesn’t get in the way of executive coaching methods, that other psychotherapies might, due to the analytical and less challenging nature.

A mix of coaching modalities that are used in business such as NLP and NVC adapted in companies such as Microsoft and Tony Robbins – Ultimate Power, as a tool to negotiate and resolve conflict, used as part of the intensive EMDR, an evidenced-based, patented model for success. “As management guru Warren Bennis observes… “A lot of executive coaching is really an acceptable form of psychotherapy. It’s still tough to say, I’m going to see my therapist.” States Steven Berglas.

How Will You Benefit From This

You will be directed through a process that can restore, build brain balance, improve performance, reduce chronic and complex stress symptoms by 80-90%.

As well as changing blocking beliefs to adaptive ones that internalise behavioural change quicker than any other method and has been validated by the National Library of Medicine as most superior approach.

See Measurable Results Over Just 1 Week or Weekend

Invest 12-15 hours of your time, and we will equip you with the Raikov Effect, the potential and limitless possibilities you require to attain your goals set including but not limited to:

A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life.

John Wooden

Tidylodge is a boutique coaching and therapy experience only accepting 1 Client per week

The coaching and therapy will be 1-on-1 with our founder Kellyjo Coney-Khan and very limited spots will be available.
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